Tuesday, January 6, 2015

punish man who was tortured his mother

reward of up to $250.000
 For get reward find this person first
Give him the choice either he give you the money or threat him you will set up a petition in order removal him
Do not ask less than $250.000 he is The biggest hustler he will try to make you think he is not care or he can not payment , make sure he care and can pay " he have much dirty money "
if he not pay
 you have to be U.S citizen
1_ create a petition in https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/ " ensured site for petitions  " and got 90% of signatures at then he will give you the money
2_ Petition Title is Removal and exile  from U.S.A for ever for who make his mother suffer and got refugee situation by fraud
 target : barack obama administration
real name First Name:
first Name: bouzid last name : mebarek azzem
last adress 92 address the Tompkins Staten Island New York

this name: Robert G Marcone
changed after the settlement of the situation

story for petition
 This Varmint , which I am talking to you about it is the most despicable human being on the face of the Earth
since more than 45 years his mother married a man older than she ,since the beginning he was abusive her from no-reason after several months her family knowing , and they  asked her to divorce ,  she said to them i am ready to spend all my life in the torture and not see my son grow up like orphans after the large her son " the varmint "
managed to migration to the United States had obtain refugee or asylum situation by lie
cutting his relationship with his mother, she crying always believed that he had died, and there was a person, he said to him call your mother so as to assure that you are alive and stop crying, Do you know what the response ? is to imagine this answer: should forget that has a son named BOUZID, The vanity touch of american life
 had imprisoned in Algeria because involved of a stolen car case before his going to U.S.A
he Was buying stolen cars and forgery of documents and then sold
Fled from Algeria to Hong Kong because the authorities discovery of another stolen car, he was also involved in the case and from hon kong or macau he go to usa new jersey at first new york second by bail
he worked in city hall of new york Who knows how many documents he rigging